Kinda Compound – New Cairo

  • Start from 1,700,000EGP


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  • Price: Start from 1,700,000EGP
  • Property Type: Apartment, Duplex, Twin house, Villa
  • Property Status: For Sale
  • Property Size: from 60 m2 up to 259 m2
  • Installments: up to 10 years
  • Down Payment: 10% downpayment


Project name: Kinda.

About the project: it is one of the latest and most important residential projects in New Cairo, founded by Minka Development, which was designed according to the highest standards of quality and luxury.

Kinda Compound Location: It is located in the heart of New Cairo, specifically on the Ring Road.

Kinda Fifth Settlement Space: 27 acres.

Developer Name: Minka Development.

Units Types: (residential apartments, standalone villas, and twin houses).

Units price: starts from 1,700,000 Egyptian pounds.

Units Space: starts from 60 square meters.

Payment systems: without a downpayment and the amount is to be paid in installments over a period of up to 10 years.

Enjoy the splendor of Canadian life on Egyptian land in Kinda Compound New Cairo!!

Minka Development once again showing us its latest architectural projects, Kinda New Cairo, in which it has put its expertise and technical and engineering capabilities to produce this global project that goes beyond imagination, as it is located in a special place in the heart of New Cairo, making it a distinguished place close to the areas and important ways.

Canada is considered one of the most distinguished countries in the world, as it has a unique design for its buildings and green spaces scattered everywhere, so the developer of the Project has placed the designs of the compound in the attractive Canadian style, which provides beautiful and stunning landscapes for the residents so that everyone can enjoy complete privacy amid this wonderful engineering creativity.

The impressive features did not stop at this point, as Kinda Project enjoys a package of various services and facilities that have been provided to the residents to enjoy a great deal of luxury and pleasure within this project, which is full of details of luxury and sophistication that you always seek to obtain for you and your family.

Kinda Compound New Cairo Design

The compound has a unique engineering design that mimics international designs, which was taken from the distinctive Canadian character, these unique designs also extended inside the units as well. All units of the compound have a very impressive interior division overlooking a wonderful landscape through the harmony of the gardens with the water bodies, which gives a wonderful and different atmosphere to the place.

To complement the journey of exclusivity and distinction, the architectural design of the compound carries two gardens designed according to the Italian world “Venture”, which operate in an engineering way that allows the air to pass through first and then exit to the rest of the project pure and fresh, and this ensures an excellent climate inside the compound completely different from the outside atmosphere.

The compound also has a unique architectural feature that makes the general climate of the place comfortable and refreshing. The buildings were constructed and covered or surrounded by “mud bricks” and this mechanism works to isolate the building from moisture and severe weather changes, whether very cold or very hot, to enjoy within your unit a moderate and wonderful atmosphere.

In addition to the “thermal insulation” property of the buildings, which enables the building to retain heat in the winter and keep cool in the summer, which gives a suitable and comfortable atmosphere for living and comfortable at all times.

Kinda Compound location

The location of Kinda New Cairo is exceptional, as it was established in the heart of New Cairo, and this place is characterized by its proximity to several important and vital areas and roads that make an integrated community surrounding the compound from all sides. We will present here some of those facilities and the main hubs close to the location:

  • The compound is located directly on the ring road.
  • Few minutes from the American University (AUC).
  • It is also 6 minutes from the Kempinski International Hotel and 8 minutes from Jw Marriott Hotel and Stone Residence Hotel.
  • It is about 5 minutes away from Nasr City.
  • It is only 5 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
  • It is close to Mivida Compound, about 25 minutes away.
  • It is 25 minutes from Al-Rehab City and about 30 minutes from New Cairo.

Enjoy a unique world full of new and diverse features inside Kinda Compound

“Difference and excellence in everything” This is the slogan adopted by Minka Development when starting to design the Project, this unique engineering icon that carried the summary of the experiences and capabilities of that company to bring out to us a very different and unique residential compound, which is “kinda Egypt”, as it has all the ingredients for success. Starting from the architectural design that creates a wonderful atmosphere for you to feel the distinctive European life within your unit, to the services and facilities that make living easier and more beautiful, and we will present some of those advantages as follows:

  • The place ventilation system is one of the most important elements that must be available in any residential complex, and this is what the developer of the project provided through international designs that guarantee the quality of ventilation and improve the climate in the entire place and within the units as well.
  • Establishment of the (iconic Maple Gardens) cultural center, which includes a huge library and a medium-sized museum, in addition to the presence of (Makerspace) rooms for practicing handicrafts and various recreational activities inside, which are intended for all ages, as well as a dance hall.
  • As this place enjoys a huge amount of advantages, the Canadian Governor (Rob Ford) chose it as a place of residence for him to continue his business during his stay in Egypt.
  • Development and keeping pace with the modern era has become an important matter, so the developing company worked to provide advanced modern amenities within Kinda Compound Egypt. Dedicated bike paths were created far from car roads to be safer and more comfortable when walking, in addition to the presence of an (e-scooters sharing) system which provides for the use of the automated Scooter inside the place and the creation of different paths for that.
  • In addition to the presence of (public WiFi) so that the fast internet service is available to all residents at all times, and modern electronic means of transportation have been added to the project to be easier to use and safer.
  • It is also available (lane serious) to regulate the movement of various means of transportation.
  • Minka Development did not neglect the importance of educational facilities and their effective role in the development of the large Kinda Minka community, so it was keen to establish daycare nurseries for children and a specialized center that provides educational support for different ages, In addition to the presence of various university scholarship programs within the place, as well as providing volunteer and training programs for young people to invest their time in useful matters.
  • There is also a large commercial area with several restaurants and cafés offering delicious food and various drinks, as well as shops to provide you with everything you need.

Book your unit now and get the best services and special facilities in Kinda New Cairo

This compound provides you with a selected package of basic services and important facilities that serve you and make life easier for you and also guarantee you absolute comfort and luxury, in addition to the presence of all means of safety and protection for you and your family inside it to have all your dreams and wishes and enjoy the dazzling Canadian life in the middle of an ancient Egyptian land, and here we show some Among those competitive features available in the project:

  • A place has also been established to provide job counseling and various professional assistance in the compound, and a center for entrepreneurs to provide them with various contributions and advice to develop their small projects “start-ups”.
  • An integrated medical center that was established according to the “family doctor” system, which was taken from the Canadian health system, to provide a huge place with all medical specialties, laboratories of all kinds, and ambulances as well. All of this is linked to a comprehensive health insurance system to provide you and your family with the best possible treatment service.
  • The project includes an integrated gym with a large indoor swimming pool, huge and equipped squash courts, a basketball court, an integrated gym with all modern equipment, and a five-a-side court.
  • It also includes pedestrian and bicycle paths to practice various sports such as yoga and walking in a calm atmosphere that encourages rest and clarity of mind.
  • The different landscapes were taken from the beautiful Canadian nature, which enjoys a great deal of beauty and splendor, and these spaces are divided into two parts, the first is designed in a civilized and stylized manner, and the other has a greater vegetation density, which makes it resemble dense forests and this is one of the characteristics of the Canadian environment.
  • The presence of a large garage that can include a large number of cars and is fully secured.
  • An advanced firefighting system to provide the necessary protection for the project in the event of any emergency.
  • For more safety, the place was provided with a safety system against rain and floods, this integrated system was designed by one of the most famous international companies.
  • The compound holds solar energy units that serve 25% – 35% of the existing units, which means that there is no pollution inside the project.
  • All units also have an integrated electronic system that facilitates the process of controlling the various devices inside the house.
  • And because Kinda Fifth Settlement, is an environmentally friendly place, places have been established for recycling “grey water” to become suitable for irrigating plants, and there is also a place for recycling various wastes to dispose of them in a safe and useful manner so as not to cause any harm or pollution.

Different spaces at competitive prices and convenient payment systems within Kinda Compound New Cairo

The project’s total space is large, amounting to about 27 acres, of which only a small percentage was used for residential buildings and construction, and the largest part is dedicated to services, recreational facilities, and various green spaces. Kinda Minka units were divided into “apartments, independent villas, and twin houses” and the place was designed With this diversity to suit all residents according to the size of their families.

The company also did not neglect to provide very distinguished and non-competitive prices in addition to convenient payment systems to ensure the convenience and satisfaction of customers. Below we will show those details with some clarity:

  • The units space ranges from 60 square meters up to 259 square meters, and the number of rooms starts from 1 room up to 4 large rooms.
  • Units prices start from 1,700,000 EGP.
  • As for the payment system: without paying any down payment and the entire unit price is paid in installments for 10 years.
  • There is a discount of up to 45% when paying the value of the unit in cash.
  • The units will be delivered in 2025.

To know more about this integrated compound, which provides you with a sophisticated and luxurious community that carries within it all the excellent facilities and services and offers a very unique and splendid construction experience, contacts us now and does not miss the opportunity to live luxury.

Minka real estate investment and development company

The excellence and creativity that Minka Real Estate offers is something new and different in the Egyptian market, It is keen to provide modern facilities and services that facilitate life enjoyably and easily. Therefore, it has taken a large share of the real estate market, although it is a relatively new company, its management has worked hard to become one of the most prominent names in this field. Here are some of those projects that it has undertaken:

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