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  • Price: Start from 3,485,000EGP
  • Property Type: Residential, Town House, Twin house, Villa
  • Property Status: For Sale
  • Property Size: starts from 196 m²
  • Installments: 5 Years
  • Down Payment: 25% downpayment


Project Name: El Patio 5 East.

About El Patio 5 East El Shorouk: one of the highest residential units in El Shorouk city where the great architectural design, services, and facilities that meet the residents’ needs and make them feel the luxury of the residence.

El Patio 5 Location: it is located in Al Shorouk, a kilometer away from the second entrance to E Shorouk City.

The Project Area: it is established on 44,5 acres.

The Developer Name: La Vista Developments.

Units Type: vary among townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas.

Units Space: townhouses space starts from 195 square meters.

Units Price: price per meter starts from 17,500 EGP.

Payment Methods: 25% downpayment and the rest in installments over 5 years.

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El Patio 5 East Compound

One of the highest residential projects in El Shorouk City for all lovers of life of luxury as you should be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where Casa Patio compound offers residents the best facilities and services that meet all their needs. It is also located near New Cairo and all the roads and transportation through which enables you to move to all roads and transportation throughout Cairo and its suburbs, and the green spaces occupy the majority of La Casa Patio area for recreation amid the atmosphere of charming nature. You’ll also find a variety of spaces among townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas so you can choose what suits you and your family, with paying a downpayment and installments over a few years.

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Compound Location

El Patio 5 Shorouk Located in El Shorouk near Heliopolis and Cairo International Airport, close to the ring road and all the routes from which you can move to the parts of Cairo and its outskirts, as the compound is located one kilometer from the second entrance to Al Shorouk on Ismailia Road.

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Short History about The Real Estate Developer

The company that owns Casa El Patio is La Vista Developments which has a long history of successes, the company was founded in 1991, it has implemented many real estate projects through which it competed with the largest real estate companies, its most important previous works include:

Exclusive services provided inside El Patio 5 East El Shorouk

La Vista Developments has been keen to provide exclusive and distinguished services, in order to achieve all the requirements that customers dream of, and every effort has been made to provide all the basic and integrated entertainment services, and the most important of these services are mentioned below:

  • El Patio 5 East Compound has swimming pools of various sizes, some of which are covered and some are uncovered, and are suitable for all ages, as they have been designated for women for their complete privacy and comfort.
  • Within the project, there are commercial malls with a number of large stores that display the best fashion and the highest brands and international brands, for a wonderful shopping experience.
  • It also provides you with all the basic commodities that you need inside your home, and that is why a hypermarket and a large supermarket have been established to provide all of that.
  • For more entertainment, special places have been created for children with a set of multiple games that help them spend the most beautiful times of fun and complete happiness.
  • We offer you the best and finest food in a number of international restaurants, and cafes designed on international styles with different and varied drinks.
  • The latest devices and equipment available within a large gym with a number of trainers of the highest level, for fitness and sports lovers.
  • For morning jogging, running, cycling, and recreation amidst the green spaces, wide and long paths have been paved for this.
  • Medical clinics operate 24 hours a day, which provide you with all treatment services and have many different specialties.
  • A pharmacy has also been established with all kinds of imported medicines and various treatments, and it works throughout the day to serve the population.
  • Within the project yard, there is a mosque designed in the finest Islamic styles, enough for a huge number of worshipers.
  • In order to preserve your car and prevent crowding, a spacious covered and secure garage was built and designed with the latest designs.
  • Security men throughout the compound, 24 hours a day.
  • Sophisticated surveillance cameras that operate continuously, and monitor all movements and events in the compound.
  • Sophisticated and modern internet services distributed to all units free of charge and distinctive.
  • All basic services such as electricity, gas, and water in an ideally designed and civilized infrastructure.
  • A sewage system in a slope and drains for winter water in order to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the project.
  • Attention to providing the educational aspect, where there is a nursery for children, an international school in all languages ​​for all levels, and teachers of the highest levels.
  • Modern and advanced electric elevators for each unit, to facilitate the movement of residents between floors.
  • Establishment of a large social club, equipped with all facilities and helps to spend the most beautiful times.
  • A sports club that includes a huge number of spacious playgrounds that help you play your favorite games, including football, tennis, and golf.
  • For more relaxation and complete comfort, a health center is equipped within the compound with a spa house, a jacuzzi, and a sauna.
  • There are beauty salons for women with all the distinctive services for visitors, hairdressing centers for men, and a staff of the highest level.
  • Authorized maintenance centers specialized in all fields, which work to repair any malfunctions that occur within the compound.
  • To avoid any electrical malfunctions, a huge generator has been built that will operate automatically when cut off.
  • For more entertainment, a large-sized cinema has been established which is fully equipped in terms of screens, speakers and facilities.
  • For pet lovers, a dedicated area has been provided for them, and all appropriate services are provided to them.
  • Large administrative offices are also available to meet all customers’ needs and achieve their full wishes.
  • For different banking transactions, there are branches of different banks in El Patio Compound, and multiple ATMs, so that you do not have to go out of its scope.

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The unique features of El Patio 5 East El Shorouk Compound

  • El Patio 5 East Compound is unique in its important geographical and strategic location as it is located in the most prestigious residential areas in Cairo, which links between the main axes and roads, and is close to all important institutions, which made it an important face and attracted the attention of investors towards it.
  • Expanding the green space inside the compound by constructing gardens, landscapes, and major parks, which gives you a feeling of comfort and complete serenity within your unit.
  • The units in El Patio Compound are unique with international designs and the best international finishes and decorations that have been implemented by the largest engineering consultancy offices and decor engineers.
  • To provide the civilized appearance of the compound, a number of water bodies were created balanced in a balanced manner around it, which are lakes, dancing water fountains, and waterfalls with their wonderful sounds that help you relax.
  • Large golf courses with carts to move around, it contains more than 15 holes, and there is an academy to teach this fun sport.
  • All units within the compound derive renewable solar energy in street and garden lighting.
  • The units are also distinguished by their diversity in terms of spaces, in order to satisfy all customers and allow them to choose the most suitable for them.
  • The prices of the units are out of competition, as you can own the unit you want effortlessly, as well as the distinguished payment systems that it offered to install the amount for the longest possible period.

Spaces in El Patio 5 East La Vista

El Patio Casa Shorouk has been implemented on 180,000 square meters with the majority of the space allocated to green spaces, leisure activities, and the rest of the space for buildings to make you feel a charming and tranquil natural atmosphere, as you will find a variety of spaces among townhouses, twin house and standalone villas you can choose what suits you and installments within several years with the possibility of receiving and enjoying all facilities and services, units spaces start from 196 square meters.

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Units Prices in the Project

  • Price per meter starts from 17,781 EGP.
  • 196 m² townhouses price starts from 3,485,000 EGP.
  • 210 m² townhouses price starts from 3,570,000 EGP.
  • 215 m² townhouses price starts from 3,655,000 EGP.
  • 220 m² townhouses price starts from 3,740,000 EGP.
  • 230 m² townhouses price starts from 3,910,000 EGP.
  • 281 m² townhouses price starts from 4,777,000 EGP.

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Payment System and Delivery Date

You can pay 25% downpayment and the rest in installments over 5 years and the delivery shall be within June 2020.

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