Jubail Compound 6 October

  • Start from 6,250,000EGP


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  • Price: Start from 6,250,000EGP
  • Property Type: Residential, Town House, Twin house, Villa
  • Property Size: starts from 242 square meters
  • Installments: 1 Year
  • Down Payment: 50%


Project name: Jubail.

About the project: Enjoy sophistication and luxury in designs and the provision of all services near you within this wonderful residential complex built and developed by a group of the most important real estate development companies.

Compound location: 6th of October near the 26th of July axis.

Jubail space: 13 acres.

Units types: villas – twin houses – townhouses.

Units Space: starts from 242 square meters.

Units prices: start from 6,250,000 EGP.

The executing Company: Link Development – Abouseif Group – Iwan Development.

Payment system: You can pay a 50% downpayment of the total unit price, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over a year.

Jubail Compound 6 October

Jubail Compound is the finest and largest integrated residential project in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, it embodies the meaning of luxury in all its forms, through which you can get all your basic and recreational needs. It is the dream of all those with high taste of a prosperous life that is dominated by nothing but the real pleasure of the beauty of modern architectural designs implemented with the most accurate standards, and luxurious decorations, in addition to the calm and relaxation that you will get when your eyes fall on every place in the project, where the landscapes spread throughout Jubail Compound 6 October.

Derive from Jubail Compound 6 October a healthy life for you and your children away from pollution and crowding and move to the finest places on earth, and get your new home with the finest finishes and the best prices that the real estate developer was keen to be accessible to the owners of high taste.

Jubail Project was completely implemented with the latest technological means that highlight all the details of the project with extreme accuracy, and the best engineers and consultants with great experience were hired until the project became an attractive area for all customers and investors, and the project was implemented by three major real estate companies in order to have a huge investment so that the compound includes all the desires and advantages that any client desires in Jubail Compound 6 October.

Prime location for Jubail Compound 6 October

A successful location for the construction of this great edifice, which results in the customer getting everything he seeks to reach from basic, complementary, and recreational services, because it is located near all service and government interests, in addition to the ease of obtaining the required change to enjoy the entertainment means, and this area is also famous for its vitality because of its projects and malls with high quality high level inside Jubail Compound 6 October.

The real estate developer chose Sheikh City because it has become the most prestigious and luxurious new city, as it is characterized by a new infrastructure with all facilities such as sewage, gas, electricity, and water, and the compound is located near the most important main roads that facilitate access for the residents from all parts, and one of the most important things distinguish the location of Jubail Compound 6 October:

  • Jubail Compound October is a very short distance from the 26th of July Corridor and the Regional Ring Road.
  • It is steps away from Education City.
  • Jubail 6 October is close to Al-Zohour Hospital and Zayed Specialist Hospital.
  • Among the most important high-end compounds near the project are Reem Residence Compound, Swan Lake, Safwa City, and Palm Hills.
  • Jubail Compound October is a short distance from the most famous universities and international schools.
  • Jubail Compound is very close to Juhayna Square, which is one of the most famous areas of Sheikh Zayed City.

The space and design of Jubail Sheikh Zayed

Jubail Compound was implemented on a huge space of ​​approximately 13 acres, more than 72% of the project was allocated to green spaces and artificial lakes, the compound includes a huge group of healthy natural plants and colorful flowers interspersed with walking and sitting paths, and the rest of the space is allocated for construction and residential buildings, and the compound consists of a group of villas of different character and size.

Jubail Compound October is characterized by the unique and wonderful international designs, whether it is the design of the buildings or the design of the compound itself, not to mention the various water bodies scattered everywhere in Jubail, which increase the beauty and splendor of the project, as it made the compound a painting with high taste and luxury, in addition to the finest finishes provided by major decoration companies inside Jubail 6 October.

The most important services available at Jubail Compound 6 October

One of the most important factors that the real estate developer has striven for is to provide a lot of services that aim for the residents to obtain everything they need with ease and paper, so Jubail Sheikh Zayed includes all the basic and recreational services suitable for different ages so that the matter does not take you out of the project, all you need is around you, in addition to having a perfect life among the green patches and complete tranquility, you can enjoy an amazing atmosphere that is free of any burdens.

  • Jubail Sheikh Zayed includes swimming pools of different shapes and sizes to suit the large and the small, divided throughout the project and equipped with security staff.
  • Jubail 6 October is covered with high-quality surveillance cameras that work throughout the day, and the security staff has been carefully selected and trained at the highest level to maintain your security and safety, and the project has also been provided with the latest technology that maintains security in Jubail 6 October.
  • Providing a lot of restaurants and cafes that satisfy all tastes, there are western and oriental restaurants that provide their services with the highest level of sophistication in Jubail Sheikh Zayed,
  • Many different sports fields such as football, tennis, and squash so that you can enjoy spending the best times.
  • A gym equipped with the latest sports equipment to keep your body fit under the supervision of trainers in Jubail Compound.
  • Enjoy after the trouble of your day working in the spa, sauna, and jacuzzi to start a new time that is filled with nothing but relaxation and luxury, and there is an integrated health and beauty center inside Jubail Project 6 October.
  • There is more than one place equipped to hold barbecue parties to spend the happiest time with family or friends inside Jubail Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • Taking care of your health was a priority for the real estate developer, so I am interested in building a medical building with clinics equipped for all specialties, in addition to the presence of a group of doctors working all day for your convenience in Jubail Project 6 October.
  • Jubail Project October includes pharmacies with all medicines and medical supplies, working 24 hours a day.
  • A large social club with a landscape for you to enjoy outdoor seating, and relax in the charming atmosphere.
  • Jubail 6 October has a huge health club that provides all services and recreational activities.
  • Enjoy a lot of entertainment and various activities that the real estate developer has been keen to offer in a different way to suit all age groups and spend the most pleasant time with the family in Jubail Project.
  • A large supermarket with all household needs, it provides delivery service to the door of your residential unit inside Jubail Project October.

Enjoy many features in Jubail Compound

The real estate developer was keen to provide a wonderful package of features in Jubail, he chose it according to several conditions, the most important of which is to give all residents more fun and recreation, in addition to being presented in a modern style that suits you, compatible with all desires and tastes, which is what made Jubail Sheikh Zayed comparable to the largest residential projects built in the same area, and one of the most important of these features:

  • Enjoy the picturesque landscapes of green spaces and landscapes designed with the latest shapes and divisions to be enjoyed also from within your residential unit, and they form wonderful dividers between units for more privacy in Jubail Project October.
  • Artificial lakes and dancing fountains add to the luxury of Jubail Project October, and they have made the residents happy and sophisticated.
  • A large mosque designed in Islamic style for religious services and rituals.
  • A security system that operates automatically when a fire breaks out, with a team equipped with the latest extinguishing equipment.
  • Restore your daily activity, as there are tracks in Jubail dedicated to walking and others for running amidst many green spaces in order to enjoy fresh and fresh air, and there are also tracks equipped for cycling.
  • Providing spacious garages for all owners, as well as being monitored with cameras and accommodating a lot of cars inside Jubail Project.
  • In order to preserve the aesthetic view of the project, Jubail was provided with maintenance and technical staff who always work for the convenience of the residents.

The space and types of residential units announced in Jubail Compound 6 October

One of the most important resistances of Jubail Sheikh Zayed is the good planning of the space, and its distinct division into two main goals, the first is to provide vast green spaces throughout Jubail with a lot of artificial lakes and fountains, and the other goal is to include different types of housing units with varying spaces to satisfy all desires.

All units have a wonderful view of the most beautiful landscape that everyone is looking for, in addition to the finest designs and imaginative finishes provided by major companies to suit those with fine taste, in addition to the presence of rooms attached to the units dedicated to animals inside Jubail.

  • The total space of the standalone villa starts from 315 square meters, up to 344 square meters, and the villa building space is 242 square meters.

There is another model in which the total space of the independent villa starts from 458, up to 700 square meters, provided that the net space of the villa is 352 square meters in Jubail Sheikh Zayed Compound.

  • Twin House space ranges from 387 square meters up to 442 square meters, with a net building space of 290 square meters in Jubail.
  • The townhouse space starts from 315 square meters up to 344 square meters, and the net unit space is 243 square meters.

The best prices and payment plans

Surprises continue to announce the prices of the units offered in the project, which came in the average purchasing power of all those looking for distinction and individuality, in line with all the services, features, and stunning views that the real estate developer is interested in, and the unit price varies based on the difference in its space and design, and the price of the villa reaches 6,250,000 Egyptian Pound.

The real estate developer put his clients in the first place and worked to facilitate them as much as possible, which was evident in the reservation and installment systems in Jubail Sheikh Zayed Compound, with cash discounts, so as not to burden the customers with the process of paying the price of the units, and the reservation and installment system comes as follow:

  • The customer can pay a 50% downpayment of the total unit price upon receiving the unit, and pay the rest of the unit price over a year.
  • Receipt of all units with the finishing system that you choose upon contracting and which is most suitable for you.
  • There is also immediate delivery of all units in Jubail Sheikh Zayed Compound.

The real estate developer and his most important previous works

Jubail Sheikh Zayed Compound was established in partnership between three major companies: Link Development, Abouseif Group, and Iwan Development, who are also the owners of the project, they joined hands together to build a great edifice that includes all the competencies and expertise of all the companies, which led to the emergence of the project with such splendor that is incomparable with others.

The real estate developer has more than 20 years of experience in real estate development, and Jubail Sheikh Zayed Compound is no longer the only one for this partnership, but there are many projects in all fields that have achieved great success by investors and clients.

The projects of the three companies are characterized by applying the highest quality standards in their implementation to suit the requirements of customers and investors, with attractive designs inspired by the western character mixed with modern Egyptian life, they also own the best residential projects that were built in 6th of October City and Sheikh Zayed.

Also, each company has a successful previous business in addition to the success of their joint business as follows:

Link Development

  • It has many small and medium housing projects all over it.

Iwan Development

  • Atrio Compound.
  • Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • Magada Resort Ain Sokhna.
  • Jedar Compound 6th of October
  • Iwan Avenue Compound.
  • Jeera Compound Sheikh Zayed.
  • Neighborhood Project.

Abouseif Group

  • Sheraton Hotel.
  • Hilton
  • Movenpick Hotel.

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