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  • Price: Start from 10,199,000EGP
  • Property Type: Apartment, Duplex, Penthouse, Residential, Town House, Twin house, Villa
  • Property Size: starts from 150 square meters
  • Installments: up to 8 years
  • Down Payment: 10%


Project name: Palm Valley.

About the project: Enjoy sophistication and luxury in designs and the provision of all services near you within the wonderful Palm Valley, which was established and developed by Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company.

Palm Valley Location: On the 6th of October, 7 minutes from Lebanon Square.

Palm Valley Compound, 6th of October: 57 acres.

Units types: apartments – duplexes – penthouses – villas – twin houses – townhouses.

Units Space: starts from 150 square meters.

Units prices: start from 10,199,000 EGP.

The name of the executing company: Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company.

Payment system: You can pay a 10% down payment of the total unit price, then 5% after three months, and pay the rest in installments over 8 years.

Palm Valley 6 October Compound

6th of October City is one of the most famous cities that have all the services that the residents need, such as restaurants, cafes, malls, and other recreational and basic services, while providing a classy climate and fresh air for all the residential projects built inside it, in addition to being away from the crowded places that many suffer from. Each of them has an architectural design and a special character that distinguishes it from the other, but all of them share sophistication, tranquility, safety, and international designs in Palm Valley 6 October.

Therefore, Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company launched its distinctive residential project on the 6th of October City, with all the requirements that all customers are looking for in terms of services and features that are not available at all in order to match the rest of the other projects located in the same area, in addition to the amazing landscapes that surround the project The entirety, and providing a variety of housing units of different sizes to satisfy all desires and needs, with international European designs consistent with the owners of high taste, and at unbeatable prices inside Palm Valley 6 October.

Palm Valley 6th of October location

Palm Valley Compound has a distinctive and unique location that gives all its residents a golden opportunity to enjoy and rest because in this project you will enjoy an integrated and ideal location where the fresh open air that steps throughout the project and gives the residents a breath of clean and healthy air, as well as its proximity to the most important vital areas Which includes all basic services as well as entertainment, and the most important thing is the ease of access of residents to these areas due to its proximity to more than one main road and axis in Palm Valley project.

Palm Valley is located in the most vibrant areas in 6th of October City, in front of Sheikh Zayed City, and near the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and the 26th of July axis, and one of the most important features of the site

  • Palm Valley is a short distance from the Mall of Egypt and the Mall of Arabia.
  • The project is located steps away from the University of Modern Sciences and Arts.
  • Palm Valley Compound is 7 minutes away from Lebanon Square.
  • A few minutes away from Juhayna Square, and Al Hosary Square.
  • Palm Valley 6 October is also very close to Palm Hills October Compound, and Al Jazira Sports Club.
  • Palm Valley Compound on 6 October is also located close to Misr University for Science and Technology and Nile University.
  • A short distance of about 3 minutes from Hyper One.

Space and design Palm Valley 6 October

Palm Hills has built Palm Valley Compound on 6 October on an area of ​​57 acres, that space was divided in a ratio of 1:3 and the largest proportion of Palm Valley project space was allocated to everything that is beautiful attracts the eye, and is comfortable for the soul, so we find that not an inch of the compound’s land is vacant Of the green areas with their wonderful color mixed with the color and comfort of colorful flowers that increase the sophistication of Palm Valley 6 October, in addition to providing many industrial lakes and fountains that all units have the most beautiful view on.

The rest of the space in Palm Valley 6 October was allocated for the construction of housing units of various types and sizes with a total number of 237 units, as well as for service and recreational places that were provided at a very high level.

One of the most important things that draw your attention from the first sight of your visit to Palm Valley is the designs provided by major real estate companies, which Palm Hills never overlooks, where all the details of the project were designed and finished with the finest and finest international finishing and construction methods, in terms of facades with cheerful colors that graduate you To another world of charm and beauty and adding magical touches of a very distinctive western character, and this is what Palm Hills has always distinguished for in its residential projects.

The most important services provided by Palm Valley Palm Hills

Palm Valley is one of the most important and largest residential projects through which Palm Hills Real Estate was able to change the concept of integration in terms of basic and recreational services, as it appeared at the beginning of the project by choosing an ideal strategic and vital location, then it came with the most wonderful international designs, interior, and exterior, and it also took care to give the residents everything they dream of providing the largest amount of services, and most important luxury and sophistication through which you can meet your needs with ease, and among the most important services available in Palm Valley October

  • One of the most important things that attract you when you enter Palm Valley is the integrated security system of electronic gates, high-tech cameras that reveal all parts of the project, and also security personnel working day and night to find the security you need for you and your family.
  • There is a Food Court area with many eastern and western restaurants and cafes so that you can choose what is tastier for you in the hands of the best chefs.
  • Swimming pools are spread all over Palm Valley Compound of different sizes and depths, to suit all ages.
  • Palm Valley Compound on the 6th of October includes a large area equipped to practice golf and horse riding.
  • Provides a large cinema hall that presents the most famous Arab and foreign films, as well as an excellent entertainment service.
  • Enjoy spending the happiest times with family and friends in the social club, and barbecue parties, amidst a lot of cheerful atmospheres and relaxing music in Palm Valley October.
  • Providing an integrated beauty center for women under the supervision of specialists in this field, offering its services at the highest level in Palm Valley project 6 October.
  • A large supermarket that works throughout the day with all the daily commodities that you could need inside Palm Valley October.
  • A huge mall that includes many local and international shops, leaving you the freedom to choose what suits your needs.
  • There is a large pharmacy with all medicines and cosmetics, working 24 hours in Palm Valley October.
  • And because your health matters to us, many well-equipped medical clinics have been built that work in all specialties, and are staffed by a selection of the largest doctors inside Palm Valley project 6 October.
  • Palm Valley includes a group of sports fields such as football field, tennis, basketball, and others, to enable you to practice the activities you love.
  • Enjoy all the health club services from the spa, jacuzzi, and sauna, and relieve yourself of your burdens after the tiring of your day at work in Palm Valley October.

Advantages of living in Palm Valley Palm Hills

Enjoy a new and unique experience in the most prestigious new residential cities that have recently increased in search for 6th of October City, especially Palm Valley Compound, a life specially designed with all its features to find comfort and recreation for you and all your family members, through a wonderful package of features that the developer sought Real estate has a lot to offer in this way of sophistication and prosperity, and one of the most important of them is

  • The real estate developers are interested in allocating a variety of tracts amid the charming atmosphere of the picturesque landscape, one for running and walking and the other for cycling, as it is distinguished by its distance from roads and buildings to prevent disturbance and accidents.
  • There are garages with large areas for unit owners to accommodate large numbers of cars inside Palm Valley Compound.
  • The infrastructure of Palm Valley October is robust and equipped with the latest facilities to make you live in complete safety.
  • There is a large mosque designed in the Islamic style to hold prayers and religious rites in Palm Valley Compound.
  • Providing an integrated security system in Palm Valley project that works automatically when fires break out.
  • Vast green spaces are scattered throughout Palm Valley Compound, on 6 October, in addition to the landscaping, so that the residents can enjoy calm and relaxation, in addition to providing artificial lakes that increase the beauty and luxury of the project.

Units types and spaces in Palm Valley Compound

The integrated life in Palm Valley on 6 October did not come out of anywhere, as it contains many wonderful ingredients that the final image of the project would not be complete without and make it on top of the famous residential communities located in the same area, and this was a clear goal for Palm Hills Real Estate and was able to achieve thanks to Its capabilities and efforts, which appeared in the project’s foundations and factors, primarily target the customer’s comfort, especially the advertised housing units in Palm Valley Compound.

The residential units within the project varied between apartments, duplexes, penthouses, villas, twin houses, and townhouses, with varying areas so that you can easily find what suits your needs. All units in Palm Valley on October 6 have a wonderful natural view over the green and water areas that you will wake up to in the morning to renew your daily activity, in addition to the amazing European design of all units and the luxurious finishes that amaze you from the first sight inside Palm Valley Compound.

  • As for apartments, duplexes, and houses, the space starts from 150 square meters and reaches 250 square meters in Palm Valley Compound.
  • Townhouses space in Palm Valley starts from 240 square meters.
  • While the twin houses’ space ranges from 249 m² up to 359 m² inside Palm Valley project.
  • There are also stand-alone villas whose spaces in Palm Valley Compound 6 October vary according to the garden, swimming pool, and other features, so their space starts from 300 square meters and reaches 630 square meters.
  • 5% of the total number of units announced in Palm Valley on 6 October is allocated to commercial and administrative units, basic services, and entertainment.

Prices announced by Palm Hills Real Estate Development

Ensure your family a luxurious and elegant life in the best cities of Cairo by booking a housing unit for them in Palm Valley Compound, on the 6th of October, and enjoy various ways that help you spend the happiest time, and do not burden yourself with any burdens, especially financial ones, because Palm Hills announced the prices of units in the compound Opportunity enables you to own your unit with ease in Palm Valley Compound 6 October.

  • The price of townhouses in Palm Valley is 10,199,000 EGP.
  • The price of twin houses starts from 11,992,000 EGP up to 17,232,000 EGP in Palm Valley Compound 6 October.
  • All advertised units are delivered with a full or semi-finished system, according to the customer’s choice, with the possibility of receiving the unit immediately.

Payment systems available in Palm Valley in October

One of the most important things that the real estate developer in Palm Valley has sought to achieve is to give the customer the opportunity to own a new housing unit at prices that he does not bear any burdens and move toward a better future for him and all his family members, and according to Palm Hills’ great achievement that works for the convenience of its customers, it has launched more than one flexible installment system over long periods of time, and you can also buy your new unit without paying any down payment and installment the total unit price over the course of 8 years in Palm Valley Compound 6 October.

The customer can also pay a contracting advance of 10% of the total unit price, and then pay 5% as a second payment after three months from the date of the contract, provided that the rest of the unit price is paid over a period of 6 years inside Palm Valley Compound 6 October.

The real estate developer and their most important previous works

Palm Hills Development and Real Estate Investment Company for Palm Valley project were established in 2005 AD, and it is owned by the well-known Egyptian businessman, Yassin Mansour, and it owns many projects throughout the Republic, as well as other projects in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia.

Palm Hills has been keen to be a pioneer in the field of real estate development because it relies on the implementation of its projects with the utmost accuracy and professionalism and the application of quality standards until the clients’ delivery of the residential units, therefore, it was able to gain the trust of its customers to a very large extent, as it seeks to provide everything that is new, comfortable, and distinct.

It is also in contact with the world of international architectural decorations to apply the latest methods to satisfy its customers, and this is what makes it always at the forefront.

Among her most important previous works

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