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  • Price: Start from 2,200,000EGP
  • Property Type: Apartment, Duplex, Town House, Twin house, Villa
  • Property Status: For Sale
  • Property Size: Starts from 125 m² - 350 m²
  • Installments: up to 10 years


Project name: Talah Compound.

About the project: The most prominent and latest residential complexes in the Administrative Capital, designed by the pioneering New Plan company in the field of real estate development, which was keen to bring it out with this most wonderful design and provide all the basic and recreational services near it.

Talah Location: It is located in the heart of New Administrative Capital in the seventh district, R7, in plot No. (I1).

Talah compound space: 35 acres.

Units types: apartments, duplexes, townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas.

The price of the units in Talah: the price per square meter starts from 25,500 Egyptian pounds

The owner company: New Plan Developments.

Payment systems: The company has approved various payment systems and long periods to suit the choice of customers.

Talah Compound New Administrative Capital

Talah Compound New Administrative Capital is one of the names that shined in the sky of the capital recently, after New Plan Developments worked on the construction of Talah, providing more than one feature and service, which allows residents to live in great calm and comfort.

There are many distinctive things that the developer offers, including the location near several important places, and the large space that has been well planned, in addition to the various units in space and design.

There are many other important things available in Talah New Capital, which we have worked on in the next paragraphs in detail in order to obtain all the information that helps you make a purchase decision as soon as possible … Follow us

The unique location of Talah Compound

New Administrative Capital is one of the most important projects that the Egyptian state has worked on in the recent period, in which it worked to provide all the different things that customers need with different needs, and which works to make the residents comfortable in the place greatly.

In New Administrative Capital, many new, quiet neighborhoods have been worked on to be diverse and have many services that residents need and make living in the place more comfortable and also in many large recreational areas.

One of the most important residential neighborhoods in New Administrative Capital is the seventh residential neighborhood located in the heart of the capital, surrounded by many important places, including universities, hospitals, and many major malls as well, in addition to the proximity of the place to more than one important axial road.

New Plan has worked on choosing an important and distinctive location in the heart of the seventh residential neighborhood (R7), which has distinctive surroundings of all the facilities that the client needs to be the headquarters of the construction of its new project, which is Talah Administrative Capital.

The location of Talah New Capital Compound and the most important places nearby:

  • Talah New Capital is located in the seventh residential district, specifically in plot No. (I1), and the place is considered one of the best places in New Administrative Capital.
  • Talah Project is also a short distance from the largest park in Egypt and the Middle East, the famous Green River Park.
  • There is more than an important place near Talah Compound, including the well-known Al-Massa Hotel.
  • In addition, Talah Compound is located near distinctive and essential axes, including the Middle Ring Road, as well as the Regional Ring and Sokhna / Suez Road.
  • It is about 15 minutes from the new monorail station.
  • Talah Compound is not far from Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque and the Church of the Nativity of Christ.
  • It is located a short distance from more than one important neighborhood, including the ministries neighborhood and the government neighborhood, and also not far from the banks’ area.
  • It is not difficult to reach Talah New Capital, from the well-known Mohammed bin Zayed axis.
  • There are more than one compound near the Talah project, including Mountain View New Capital and Palm Hills Administrative Capital.

In the vicinity of Talah New Capital there are many distinctive places that the residents need and are working to provide them with basic and recreational needs, and also Talah the Administrative Capital was certainly not devoid of the distinctive architectural design that we will learn about in detail in the following.

The Architectural Design of Talah Compound New Administrative Capital

The architectural design of Talah Compound came in a distinctive geometric shape that was adopted in a very distinctive design similar to the European style that relies on green spaces and wide water bodies.

New Plan, the real estate developer of Talah New Capital Project, worked to ensure that the place has more than one space for the units in order to make the choice of the customer easier to suit his needs, and throughout the place there is a wonderful landscape characterized by distinctive beauty.

The compound has many water bodies in harmony with the lush gardens located in it, and attention was also paid to the spaces between the units in order for each of them to maintain complete privacy and give the residents the required comfort and tranquility.

Excellence in Talah New Capital did not stop at this point, but there are many services and benefits provided by the developer in the compound, and work has been explained in detail in the following paragraph.

Talah New Capital services

There are many important services that New Plan has been keen to develop in Talah compound New Capital so that the presence in the place is better and the resident enjoys being in such a special place.

In the following, we will explain the services that have been worked on in Talah New Capital:

  • Garages on a large space that allow parking without causing crowding within the project.
  • The presence of a large commercial area in the place serves to provide all the basic and recreational needs of the residents as well.
  • An integrated entertainment area with many entertaining tools for adults and children.
  • A place in which the Kids’ Area is large, with many entertaining games, and also fully secured to keep the children.
  • Many places for walking or morning sports, and there are others for cycling.
  • A sports club on a large space of ​​land, in which there are many sports fields suitable for more than one game so that you and your family can enjoy special times.
  • A comprehensive security system that works around the clock in order to preserve the safety of residents and property.
  • In addition to surveillance cameras operating around the clock and trained guards.
  • A recreational area with many well-equipped cafés and restaurants that provide very distinctive services.

Many of the important services provided by the developer company in the place in order for the customer to be comfortable in the place and in the following they will be presented in detail.

Features of Talah New Administrative Capital

New Plan has been able to amaze us, as usual, with the advantages it provides in Talah Compound New Capital, in which it has worked to have more than something very special that makes living in this place a very good thing and certainly suits the unique taste of customers.

Here are some of the advantages that Talah New Capital offers you:

  • The beauty starts from the vast green spaces that the place provides throughout in order to be comfortable with this charm in the place.
  • The place is also attached to water bodies between swimming pools and artificial lakes, which constitute one of the forms of breathtaking beauty, in order for the client to have a great deal of comfort and tranquility in the project.
  • In addition to the unique location located in the heart of New Administrative Capital allows residents to move from one place to another in an easy and in a short time.
  • The project is also close to the main places of universities and schools, as well as government neighborhoods and many malls.
  • The architectural design in Talah Compound plays a very special role, and this is due to what the company has been keen on ensuring that all designs are distinctive and have a European character.
  • The variety of spaces offered in the project as well as the types of units in order to make it easy for you to reach what you need.
  • The wide spaces between the units allow you to enjoy complete privacy.

There are many services and other advantages that are certainly compatible with the space and architectural design of the place.

The spaces and types of units in Talah Compound New Capital

The space plays an effective and essential role in making Talah Compound a big difference from its eyes, as it was built on a space of ​​35 acres, which is a wide space, and it was worked on to be distinctly divided and with many engineering details that serve the residents.

Also, Talah New Capital is divided between residential units, which take the smallest share of the space, and green spaces, artificial lakes, and gardens, which occupy the majority of the place, in order to be comfortable and enjoy the magic of nature around you.

New Plan Developments has also worked to provide many spaces and different types of units in the place so that the resident can get the most suitable for him from among several distinct options. There are more than one type of unit in Talah Compound (apartments, duplexes, townhouses, and twin houses independent villas).

The units of the project are characterized by picturesque views that make being in the place very enjoyable and comfortable and also give a state of calm throughout the place, in addition to being fully secured in order to be reassured about your family and property.

Prices and payment systems for Talah New Capital

There are many important advantages that the developer has worked on since the first day of it in order to be of a great deal of distinction and difference, and it started with the distinguished location located in the heart of New Capital and near many other very important and good places.

In its latest project, Talah New Capital, New Plan provided that the place has more than a great competitive advantage, whether at the level of services, space, and architectural design as well so that the residents can enjoy a state of pleasure and comfort within the project.

Work has been done to provide very special and competitive prices compared to the many advantages you get in Talah New Capital. It is worth noting that the average prices within Talah New Capital start from 25,500 EGP.

The company also did not neglect the importance of payment systems, which it paid great attention to, and developed many systems that suit the needs of customers and also enable them to obtain units in close times and easily.

Real estate developer and previous business

New Plan Developments is the owner of Talah Compound New Administrative Capital, which works on making the place very beautiful and has more than an important feature that primarily works on the residents’ comfort and the amount of their enjoyment in the project.

This compound is one of the major projects that the company has undertaken over many years, which reach about 22 full years, and it is working on the idea of ​​continuous development in order to reach the needs of customers specifically and work to meet them innovatively.

One of the distinctive things that New Plan Developments offers is that it works continuously to renew the services and advantages that the company gives to clients in order to be able to gain their trust and make them feel comfortable with projects.


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