Triton Tower New Capital

  • Start from 1,000,000EGP


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  • Price: Start from 1,000,000EGP
  • Property Type: Commercial, Office, Shop
  • Property Status: For Sale
  • Installments: Up to 10 years
  • Down Payment: 5%


Project name: Triton Tower.

About the project: One of the first and most important works of RNA Developments in the Administrative Capital. It is a mall that contains the most prestigious administrative and commercial units, as well as provides all entertainment services.

Triton Location: It is located in the heart of the Central Business District (CN38).

Triton Tower New Capital Space: It is built on a land space of ​​3800 square meters.

Units types: commercial, administrative, and medical units.

Units Space: starts from 24 square meters.

Price per square meter: starts from 22,000 EGP for administrative units.

Real estate Developer: RNA Developments.

Payment methods: You can pay a 5% down payment of the total unit and the rest in installments over a period of up to 10 years.

Invest now inside Triton Tower New Capital in the Central Business District

R.N.A Developments, the real estate developer of the project, is keen to implement a new project of its kind that is not just a traditional business complex; Rather, it invests its extensive experience in the real estate field, and all its capabilities to create a distinctive edifice that is considered a landmark in The New Administrative Capital, “Triton Tower”.

Triton Tower New Administrative Capital is an integrated project built on a plot of land estimated at 3800 square meters in the heart of the CBD, specifically in the plot (CN38), distributed among a group of the most luxurious units of various purposes between commercial, administrative, and medical, in addition to the enormous quantity of advantages and services that bring investors the highest degree of luxury and security; There are international restaurants and cafes, and famous stores, along with the picturesque green nature that surrounds the project, and the water bodies that give an atmosphere of comfort and joy in Triton Tower New Capital.

Book your unit now and explore Triton Tower New Capital.

Looking for a distinguished headquarters for your business in the best location ever in the New Administrative Capital? Here’s Triton Tower…

The privileged location is one of the most important elements necessary for the success of any project, and through this conscious understanding, RNA Investment and Real Estate Development Company has chosen a unique location for Triton Business Tower in the plot (CN38) in the heart of the central business district, which is one of the most important landmarks of The New Administrative Capital, as it includes 20 towers with different uses and enjoys extreme vitality as it is close to the highest residential areas in the capital, and in the middle of it is the Green River, which is considered the longest chain of parks in the world.

The main advantages of Triton Tower New Capital location can be explained through the following:

  • It is located only two minutes from the central monorail station, and a minute from the Mohammed bin Zayed North Axis; Which makes it easier to access Triton Tower New Capital.
  • It is located just steps away from the iconic tower “the tallest tower in Africa”; It is only 5 minutes away from it; which makes any investment next to Triton Tower is the future in itself.
  • In front of the most famous hotel in the Administrative Capital is the “Al-Masa Hotel”.
  • Triton Tower New Capital is close to the most important roads, and the main axes of the New Administrative Capital, such as; Regional Ring Road, Axis of Hope.

By owning a unit inside Triton Business Tower, you will be able to attract a huge number of clients; Because it is close to the most important and famous residential, commercial, administrative, and medical projects in the new capital.

The Great Design of Triton Tower New Capital

In light of the massive architectural developments witnessed in the new administrative capital in the recent period; It was necessary to pay attention to all the details that make Triton Tower New Capital a wonderful and unique example. Hafez Consultants – the engineering consultant – took great care in designing the project with extreme precision, and splendor in implementation to surpass all projects in terms of luxury and sophistication; It is based on the idea of ​​establishing a distinctive integrated center for businessmen, with all the services and advantages they look forward to within Triton Tower New Capital.

Triton Tower project New Capital consists of a ground floor and 13 upper floors; So that the commercial units occupy floors from the ground to the third, and the fourth and fifth floors are clinics, while the floors from the sixth to the thirteenth include administrative units, and there are 3 floors of underground garages.

If you are looking forward to a promising future? Triton Tower New Capital, with its great services and exceptional features, is waiting for you!!

Triton Tower project New Capital is considered one of the best commercial, medical, and administrative projects that exceed all expectations in the Central Business District; It is not only a place to work, or to shop; Rather, Triton Tower project has all the services that can improve your psychological state; Including restaurants, international cafes, wonderful entertainment venues for adults and children, and other various features that are evident in the following:

  • The distinctive strategic location in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD) – the future of investment in Egypt.
  • An area of ​​restaurants and cafes that provide the best services to customers, and there are outdoor areas with great views of the scenic landscape.
  • The Kids Area is distinguished with many great games to spend the most beautiful times and to make it easier for parents to find a safe place for their children while they are inside the mall, whether for work or for any other purpose within Triton Tower project New Capital.
  • Spaces separating the units with their different activities to provide the greatest degree of privacy in Triton Tower.
  • Diversity in the spaces of the different units to be flexible for small, medium, and large businesses.
  • The project realizes the idea of sustainability, energy savings, and respect for the surrounding environment in Triton project New Capital.
  • The mall relies on a distinctive smart infrastructure, and automated garages for more safety, and to prevent congestion outside.
  • Superbly designed panoramic elevators, and escalators for easy movement between the different floors of Triton project New Capital.
  • Availability of entertainment venues for various celebrations in Triton project.
  • The spread of green spaces, artificial lakes give attractive views and create a wonderful work environment free of stress in Triton project New Capital.
  • The presence of the best security and guard companies to maintain security within Triton New Capital, in addition to the installation of many modern surveillance cameras that operate 24 hours a day inside Triton project.
  • Fast Internet services “Wi-Fi” to carry out their work easily and quickly within Triton project.
  • Central air conditioning, and good lighting systems to provide a suitable work environment.
  • Fire alarm systems within Triton New Capital.
  • An external commercial area that includes many shops that offer the finest brands, and international brands for lovers of fine taste in Triton New Capital.
  • Administrative units are equipped with everything you need; Just to serve you.
  • Various medical clinics in their spaces and equipment to suit the type of your activity within Triton New Capital.

Units types and their various spaces within Triton Tower The New Administrative Capital

Triton Tower was executed on a large space that is sufficient for various units between commercial, administrative, and clinics, in addition to the green spaces that surround it, and the service facilities that cannot be dispensed with. The owner company is interested in providing various spaces to suit all investment fields, whether small, medium, or large; Then, certain units were allocated for the medical field, others for commercial activity, and the third for administrative work, with fairly large distances from each other in order to preserve the privacy and comfort of customers, as follows:

  • The space of the commercial units in Triton New Capital starts from 24 square meters.
  • The space of medical and administrative units starts from 29 square meters.
  • There is a pharmacy on the corner of the main street, and a tourist walkway with a space of 90 square meters, and it has a front outdoor space of 21 square meters within Triton Tower.

The best prices offered by R.N.A Developments inside Triton Tower New Capital!

The prices offered by the developer are affordable for everyone; A gift to its customers for a distinctive investment experience in the most luxurious business complex in the New Administrative Capital,  Triton New Capital also provides flexible payment systems, in order to pave the way for every investor who wants to start his project in Triton Tower.

The prices of the different units can be clarified through the following:

  • launch offer: 15% discount on all units inside Triton New Capital.
  • The prices of commercial units start from 1,000,000 EGP, and the price per square meter for the ground floor ranges from 115,000 EGP to 155,000 EGP, and the price per meter for upper floors starts from 50,000 EGP, after deducting the winch, and the units are delivered on the cement.
  • The prices of the medical units start from 841,000 EGP, and the price per square meter starts from 27,000 EGP, after deducting the lift, and the units are delivered fully finished within Triton Project New Capital.
  • The prices of administrative units start from 783,000 EGP, and the meter price starts from 22,000 EGP, after deducting the winch, and the units are delivered fully finished in Triton New Capital.
  • Pharmacy for 14,370,000 EGP after discount; As the price per square meter before the discount is 183,000 EGP, and after the discount is 155,000 EGP.

Distinguished payment systems within Triton Tower The Administrative Capital

  • The customer pays a contract provider of 5% of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments within 10 years inside Triton Project.
  • A 10% maintenance deposit is to be paid either 5% before receiving a year, and 5% after receiving it, or it is paid in full 6 months before receiving it, or it is distributed in installments until delivery within Triton Project New Capital.
  • Units are delivered after 4 years from the date of contracting in Triton Project New Administrative Capital.

About The Real Estate Developer and The Most Important Previous Works

With an Egyptian-Saudi partnership, and with global experience spanning more than 20 years, RNA Developments is launching a unique Triton Tower in the heart of the central business district in the capital. It is a leading company that aims to implement the largest projects within The New Administrative Capital. Triton Project consists of a group of ambitious developers seeking to make their own mark in the real estate development industry, and that is based on the application of international quality standards, and meet all the needs of customers.

To implement Triton Tower project in the new administrative capital to the fullest; The company has cooperated with a group of important companies, namely:

  • Hafez Consultants for an engineering consultancy.
  • Consulting Engineering Bureau – Executive Consultant.
  • Keep Property SAL – Management Company.
  • Precision Consulting Engineering – Electromechanical project consultant.

Among the most important previous works of R.N.A Developments are the following:

  • Elevado Tower, the administrative capital.
  • Al Raha Beach Hotel Abu Dhabi.
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport.
  • Kuwait University.
  • The Pearl Island Project.
  • The DMCC Business Park project.

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